Wednesday, October 3, 2007

GrimGrimoire PS2

Here is an interesting game from the makers of Odin Sphere. This game is both unique and breathtakingly beautiful. On top of that the music, voice-overs, and plot are well done.

You are Lillet Blan. A new student at the Silver Star Tower. She works hard to learn new spells, so she can become a great magician for her brothers. Through out this adventure, you learn from teachers, fight teachers, make friends, and become enemies with all you meet. During the fifth day of studying, a most unfortunate event happens. Everyone dies, and you are next. Facing death, you are transported back in time, having to replay those same 5 days again.

You must learn from your mistakes and learn greater magic in order to solve this mystery.


This is played like a RTS, or real time strategy. There are 4 types of magic in which you can use, each having advantage and disadvantage towards another type of magic.

Glamour :
"The magic calls upon the faintest powers which exist everywhere, but the
fierce powers of created lives cannot be stopped."
These creatures hate the undead, while fear those lives made artificially. In this class you summon elves, faries, and unicorns to aid you in your defence. Its holds great power, and the undead had better watch out.

"The magic calls upon those who should not exist, and therefore fear the
embodiment of nature's laws."
Ghosts, Ghouls, and gastly things is what you get with this magic. They fear the creatures from the Glamour grimoire. Most of these fallen souls have the ability to pass through walls, allowing them to travel fast. They also have the added benifit of not being hit by physical attacks. They are strong against the devil's sorcery.

"The magic works with the enemies of god, but no method can fight against the
pure wills which still look to god in the deepest darkness."
This is one of the more powerful spell sets out there. You can summon creatures from Imps, to massive dragons. They fear the undead, but they laugh at the Alchemy creatures.

"The incomplete lives, born by the hands of men pretending to be god, are
perfect prey to those who stand against god."
This is one of the more difficult spell classes to use. As it deals with more indirect attacks. Each of the the creatures you call forth are strong. All of the direct attackers use phisical force to attack,
thus making them moving targets towards ghosts. You can remidy that by using your Homunculus to turn the ghostly people solid. These man made creatures are weak against the minions of Hell, but make short work of the Glamour folk.

Through out the story, you will learn new spells. You shall only start with the basic elves and work your way up from there.

Each map in itself ranges from medium to huge. Many of the later missions will take around 30-60 minutes to complete. So prepare to spend some time with this game. Each map will have you complete a certain objective. Its mostly defeat all of 's runes, but they mix it up sometimes with timed, or missions with more than one enemy. The missions start out easy enough, but by the half way point the Normal difficulty may be a big much.

Most of the main missions unlocks a bonus level to play upon beating the level.

Overall: Great music, great music, everything is great. The replay value may be low to some people, but being able to replay old story missions, and all those bonus missions with each difficulty adds a good amount of replay value to those that work for it.

5/5 Loved it.