Friday, January 4, 2008

Chaos Legion (PS2)

You know those times you feel its you against the world? That is exactly what this game plays as. This game is not for those who can not take a challenge.

You, as Seig Warheit, must face off against Delacroix, a former friend, who's soul is taken over and stained by the blood of the innocent.

Everywhere you go you notice a dark tune playing. While it does get boring after a while it fits into the game pretty well.

The gameplay is pretty forward. you are sent into a area, and you must make your way to the end. Each level is split into areas, which is timed. To get to the next area, you must complete a special task. Man times its to defeat a special monster. The better you do in each area, the better bonus item and exp you shall gain.

There are 2 types of monsters in the game. Organic, and metal. Each attack, and each legion has its own strength and weakness. Its up to you to make use of everything your given.

Legions are the monsters you summon. They are sealed within crests. At first they are small in number, and pretty weak. As you work with them though, you shall summon more monsters with each spell. The crests of the legions also have an effect on your Seig. Each crest increases his stats, and allow for bonus moves. You can only use the bonuses of the crests you have equiped though.

When summoned you can put them in attack or defense mode. In attack, they seek out the closest monster and attacks them. In defense mode, they stay near you, protecting you from damage. When not summoned, you can preform a special attack with the legion with a single press of a button. Each attack changes from legion to legion.

Experience is pretty important. It will have you racing to complete the task, while taking out as many monsters as you can. You do not have to do this task alone though. You are able to bring forth 2 legions into each stage. Only the legions you bring with you shall gain experience.

A great game, that was sadly overlooked. The game play is difficult, and tests your skills to the limit. The music adds to the atmosphere, and the game play is smooth, if not a little complicated to understand.

If you find it on the used game rack, I highly advise you to pick it up.

Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Hes back, and he has some new moves. You should all know the plumber in red, who go out of his way to save the Princess. This time his latest rescue mission leads him into the cold reaches of space.

The story is what many has came to expect from Mario. Princess Peach gets captured by bowser, and Mario goes off to save her. Mario is given a Luma which allows him to spin and breath in space. You will be taken from planet to planet in hopes of collecting the power stars.

The controls for the game is pretty good. You use the Nunchuk/remote combo. The analog stick moves Mario, while the A button lets him jump. You also use the B button to shoot starbits (small crystals which you collect), Z to duck, and a quick side swipe of the remote to spin. I'm not going to lie, it takes some getting used to, but they are very easy to learn.

Do you remember Super Mario 3? If you do then prepare for a huge flood of memories in each level. The music in this game is pretty much redone SMB3 music. Everything from the Battle ship theme, to the Swimming music is here. It brings the levels together nicely.

Your main goal is to retrieve the power stars, and the mighty grand stars from Koopa and several other creatures. The game is divided into galaxies. Don't let that word fool you, each level is pretty small. In each galaxy there are around 5-6 stars there. There are a total of 120 stars in the game for Mario to collect. During your travels in these galaxies, you will need to make great use of your jumping powers. Of course only jumping won't save you. You must learn to make use of your starbits, using them to stun, and to gain lives. Also on occasion you shall find a special suit, which allows Mario to do several different things.

Bee Mario - able to climb Honeycomb walls, and fly. Unable to do special jumps.
Boo Mario - able to float, and go through grates and other things.
Fire Mario -able to shoot fire balls for a limited time.
Ice Mario - Able to freeze water, allowing for easier travel.

I liked the game, although I can't help but feel it is a bit overrated. The music is a nice touch, but there is a lot lacking from the levels. The levels feel linear and too small. They are not as open as the levels in both Sunshine and 64.

Overall I would rate this game 7/10. Fun, but the linear gameplay gets tiresome.