Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Megaman 9 (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360)

*Note* This is based off the Wii version. Any differences from the other versions will not be noted.

The folks over at Capcom felt like taking a bold move. They added a new entry to the classic Megaman series, giving it the feel of the earlier NES versions. This was a very bold move, but it worked out well. Its what many of the original fans have come to love, while introducing the newer players to an interesting experiance. This title is for Wiiware, Xbox Live, and the PSN network.

Story: The world is at peace, well that is till a set of new robots attacks. This new threat is now from Dr. Wily, but from Dr. Light. In order to save the world Dr. Wily is taking donations to build his own set of robots. Its up to Megaman to clear Dr. Lights name.

Graphics: If you played the original Megaman games you should know what to expect. This game is made in retro glory, bringing everything down to 8-bits. If you were born with the NES you might have a wonderful trip to the past, while if you were born later you can relive what many of us started with.

Sound: Along with the graphics, the sound was given a downgrade, not that its bad. Each track is catchy as well as infectious. Many claim the soundtrack rivals that of Megaman 2's.

Gameplay: From the get go you are given a choice of 8 robot masters to face. Each stage has you avoiding obsticals such as spikes and pits, as well as several enemies. You are armed with only your buster. I'm sorry to say for those that got used to the slide and charge buster, as they are not in this game. You are however given the use of your robotic companion Rush. Once you reach the end of a stage you are faced against the robot master. If you manage to defeat the boss, you are given their weapon, which will work well against one of the other bosses.

During each of the stages you will collect bolts, which can be used at the stage select screen in the shop, which allows you to buy different items to aid you in your quest.

After you defeat the 8 robot masters, you must undertake a gauntlet of stages to face the final boss.

During the gameplay you can also complete challenges, which range from the easy to the impossible.

Replayability: Unlike other megaman titles, the added challenges and ability to buy additional content really adds to the many times one can play this game.

Overall I'd say this is a must buy. This game is challenging, but like all the other additions can be overcome through memorisation. Well worth it if your looking for a challenge, or a fan of the series.

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